“Does the Mosquitoes in your yard
Sucks the Life out of You?”


We offer a MONTHLY MOSQUITO & TICK CONTROL PROGRAM for as low as $50 a month.

These program runs through APRIL until OCTOBER every year. The initial service starts with our Professional Pest Technician to have Initial thorough property inspection to discover conducive conditions for mosquitos. Once the inspection and identification is complete, our technician will prepare a mosquito treatment plan that provides recommendations and assistance for both source reduction and will treat customers residence. Treatment includes treating underneath of shrubbery and areas around perimeter of residence removing any unwanted standing water sources treating areas known to harbor mosquitoes.

Water + 7 days = Mosquitoes

The Department of Health in Tennessee listed most efficient method of controlling mosquitoes in your area

Reducing the availability of water suitable for reproduction and growth. Large lakes, ponds, and streams that have waves, contain mosquito-eating fish, and lack aquatic vegetation around their edges do not contain mosquitoes; mosquitoes thrive in smaller bodies of water in protected places. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even small amounts of water, like in the base of a flower pot, are enough for mosquitoes to become biting adults.

Remove standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, toys or any other container where mosquitoes can breed.

Clean up around your homes, yards and communities and discard unnecessary items that can hold water.

TIP n’ TOSS after every rain at least once a week because standing water is a mosquito breeding ground.

Aedes albopictus commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquitoes are the most common Mosquito found in Tennessee.

Mosquitoes inflicts painful & itchy bites and most of all they spread many diseases including Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria.