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Common Termites in Tennessee


Subterranean termites 
occur trough out Tennessee and are kind that most commonly infest a structure.

These termites have strict moisture needs and therefore nest in the soil and forage underground.

They can attack any untreated woods in contact with the soil.

These organisms create mud tubes within the cracks of foundation or over the outside of the concrete.

They travel through these tubes and can reach wood several feet above the ground.


Formosan termites are more aggressive feeder than native subterranean termites.

They originated from the far east, probably hitchhiking to the US in carted material following WWII.

Unlike the other subterranean termites that eat along the grain of the wood, the Formosan termite is less discriminating and will often hollow out a tree trunk or wooden beam.

It is estimated that a Formosan termite colony can consume wood about SIX TIMES as fast as an eastern subterranean termite colony.


Drywood termites can rarely be found in Tennessee.

And when we do, usually their origin can be traced from furniture or other wood moved into Tennessee from tropical countries or southern regions of the US.

Drywood Termites attack wood directly. They require very little moisture, so they live within the wood and have no connection to the soil.

As they feed, they cut across the grain of wood, excavating large galleries connected by small tunnels.



 Not all mud tubes are visible as they can be completely submerged into the soil. meaning, you can still have termite infestation even there are no visible mud tubes.


Depending on the location of the nest, it will eventually produce flying termites that you can see inside or outside your house.


These woods will sound hollow and nails will easily puncture it

Termite Services


If you suspect that you have termites at home, Causey’s Pest Control will have a thorough FREE inspection at your residence to make sure.

When Termites are visible, Our Professional Pest Exterminator will provide you Termite Solutions and affordable quote for a Liquid Termite Treatment.


Give yourself peace of mind by hiring a Causey’s Pest Control Company to examine your potential home.
After the home inspection we will provide you a termite letter.

Termite letter or NPMA-33 form will be provided by Causey’s Pest Control after a visual inspection was conducted in the readily accessible areas of the structure(s).

A Termite Letter or Termite NPMA-33 Form can also be called a Wood Infestation Inspection Report or Wood Destroying Organisms Report.

This letter reports on the status of termites in, under, and around the house or any building structure.
After we perform the inspection, there will be one of two outcomes:

Not visible– We will declare the home termite-free and give you a termite letter

Visible– We will declare you have termites and will still give you a termite letter.

If the client’s decided to undergo the liquid treatment. We will give them a Custom Quote for their Termite Treatment.

Read more about Termite Bonds and Termite Letters


We believe that Liquid Termite Treatment is the best and only option to protect your home against wood destroying insects.

It is also one of the best treatment to last for years and years to come. This treatment gives full coverage to all soil that contacts the homes foundation, as well as voids between walls and spaces around HVAC ducts.

This liquid barrier treatment prevents termites from invading your property all-year-long.
Your Termite Treatment will depend on the size of your residence.

Wood-Destroying Organism, Licensing Manual: WDO, 2002, Revised Feb. 2006 and July 2014
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